• Today a considerable number of energy end-users lack access to a local natural gas network. 
  • With downstream LNG supply chains, such end-users now gain immediate and seamless access to natural gas, irrespective of where they are located. 
  • Blue Grid supplies them with LNG, while designing and operating the necessary stationary infrastructure and the supply chains
  • An LNG Storage and Regasification Terminal (SRT), is installed at each customer’s premises. 
  • LNG is delivered to the Terminal, remains stored in the tank(s) until it gets gradually re-gasified into natural gas following the Customer’s actual energy needs.


Blue Grid can provide the complete list of services required for the continuous LNG supply and the successful and efficient operation of the Storage and Regasification Terminal (SRT). These services include:


SRT is designed based on consumption data and thermal equipment


With implementation of specialized studies / compliance with technical and safety standards, we provide all necessary support for licensing.

Construction of the SRT

Construction of SRT follows MOLGAS group vast expertise and strict safety standards & procedures

LNG Supply

Long term supply contracts, including the complete supply chain (investment in SRT, trucks/drivers) or spot deliveries according to customer demand.

Operation / Inventory management

Energy supply based on customer needs. Continuous monitoring ensuring uninterrupted operation.


Preventive and corrective maintenance services from our team, following industry and group standards

Modifications in existing equipment


Internal pipping



Security of supply and operational excellence built on LNG

Possible customer segments include :

  • Industrial
  • Large Commercial
  • Greenhouses
  • Remote city networks

Supplying Natural Gas for :

  •   Dryers
  •   Steam boilers/ generators
  •   Hot water/ Thermal oil boilers
  •   Absorption Chillers
  •   High efficiency Cogeneration Systems

In this way, end-users can use Natural Gas, a reliable and cost-competitive fuel with the most benign environmental footprint

LNG Terminals can also host bioLNG at  any bio and fossil LNG ratio helping end users to improve their environmental footprint.

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