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The transport market is evolving. More and more companies acknowledge the fact that transportation of goods needs to become “greener” and that conventional fuels should be replaced by modern, alternative, cleaner fuels. LNG is the ideal and readily available alternative for heavy trucks, offering up to 1,600 km of range.

However, one of the most important advantages of LNG, in comparison with automotive diesel, is its lower emissions in terms of  nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulates and carbon dioxide (CO2) and more!

At the same time, it is a fuel which can provide substantial cost savings as compared to diesel, achieving an indicative 20% benefit.

The “quieter” LNG engine technology facilitates transportation and deliveries around the clock, even during night hours, in urban areas.

Our network of service stations

Blue Grid is committed in developing a network of LNG filling stations in Greece and in south-east Europe offering:

Regional Coverage

Nationwide range for trucks moving with LNG


Natural gas both in LNG (liquified) and CNG (compressed) formats


Supply of LNG and CNG on a 24/7 basis


Filling stations directly accessible from main roads


Competitive pricing in comparison with automotive Diesel


Customer support and online services

LNG in numbers

LNG plays an increasingly important role in modern road transport in Europe today. This development is reasonable as LNG is a significantly cleaner fuel, compared to other conventional fuels, that enables road transport to meet European environmental targets in perpetuity, both directly as LNG and in the future as renewable gas (Bio-LNG)

609 LNG stations  20.000+HDVs today 280.000+ until 2030
 -100%  SOx emissions -80%  NOx emissions    -30% CO2 emissions   
-100% particulate matter  -35% fuel cost up to 1.600km range

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