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LNG for Road Transport

Natural gas (LNG and CNG) is a low-cost, cleaner and safer road transportation fuel that can be used to power a wide range of road vehicles, including cars, professional vehicles, trucks and buses.

Natural gas practically eliminates pollutants such as SOx, Particulate Matter and NOx while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% compared to conventional fossil fuels. At the same time, it is a fuel which can provide substantial cost savings as compared to diesel or gasoline, achieving an indicative 30% benefit.

LNG is proving to be an ideal next-generation fuel for heavy-duty trucking, currently offering even more than 1,600km of autonomy, while reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Blue Grid – via its affiliate company BlueFuel - is developing the first-ever regional network of LNG filling stations in Greece. Furthermore, it is able to supply LNG to any public-use and private-use LNG filling stations in the broader region.

LNG for Road Transport